lean enterprise china (lec) is an affiliate of lean enterprise institute (lei), the global leading lean organization at boston, usa. it is also one of the 27 country affiliates of lean global network (lgn).

our vision is to promote and educate lean thinking and its applications in china to seek for a better tomorrow.

our mission is to establish a lean knowledge platform in great china to search for suitable lean applications in chinese companies through “learning & sharing”.

lec is a not for profit organization; we provide website and weichat to support chinese lean practitioners to learn and share.

we recruit lean global experts to provide expertise to help manufacturing companies implement lean manufacturing as well as lean product development. we also apply the similar practices at service industries i.e. lean healthcare at hospitals and lean restaurants etc.

lec chinese lean library is consisted of 27 chinese lean books translated or edited by lec community. the series include entry to lean, lean tools, lean applications, and lean management etc.

lec organizes annual “global lean summit” to present a “learning & sharing” platform for chinese lean practitioners to learn from renowned global lean gurus and industry leaders about front lean development and practices in various industries.

lec was established in 2005 in shanghai by dr. marcus chao who is a retiree from us automotive industry after 30 years services at general motors and delphi. dr. chao is determined to bring lean thinking and practices to china to help chinese companies to improve competitiveness and to chinese in general for a better tomorrow.